Martial Arts club - PANTHER - from Republic of Serbia, city of Šabac is founded in 1998. by Shihan Milan Vujasin, 5. DAY Jujutsu(serb. Đu ducu, džu džucu, džiu-džicu, džu džicu), 2. DAY Judo. Club has been founded by the name of "United fighting system self-defense", or UFSS, because it includes mix martial arts. It is also known by the name of "Hyokai" - which means "Panther sclub". Besides Traditional Japanese Jujutsu, as central martial art, we teach "Judo", "Grappling", "Nippon kempo", "Brazilian Jiu-jitsu" and "Kickboxing". All martial arts are united in unique system of self-defense, as we train by simulating real life situations. All kids by the age of 7, students, employees, old ones, males and females are welcome to train with us! Learn self discipline, calm Your spirit, or maybe You would like to compete! WELCOME!



Summer enrollment of new
members from 15. of July
until 31. of Aug. There is no
age limit. Oslobođenja # 5. Šabac. tuesday, thursday, sunday at 19:00h. Info : +381 62 188 63 60 ...
Learn perfect self-defense! Jujutsu is proven to be the most effective martial art in reality. learn techniques that are being practiced by military and police! Calm Your spirit, strengthen Your body and learn techniques that You will never be able to forget!...















































Tae Bo and fitness for woman. Effects of practicing within this fitness discipline are visible only after few trainings. Besides burning Your calories it tightens Your waist and corrects Your spine.